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About Us

Global Tamil News is a part of the Global Tamil Media Network (GTMN). GTMN aims to provide relevant news and information to Tamils in Sri Lanka, India and around the World. 


A Dawn in Darker Times


Media oppression reign in the Sri Lankan history since its independence from colonialism. Media persons killed, reporters kidnapped and there is no space for independent, alternative voices in the Sri Lankan media.
Natarajah Kuruparan an independent Sri Lankan Tamil media person, who could not freely express his opinion and hounded by the state, exiled in the last months of 2007 to United Kingdom with his partner Ilampoorani, started Global Tamil News Network with the help of like minded exiled media friends living in United kingdom at that time.

Our Global Tamil Media Network based in London, aims to provide relevant news analysis and information to 80.2 million Tamils and 13.3 million Sinhalese living around the world.  Our main focus is of South Asia and specifically of Sri Lankan affairs. Our services reaching from London to Europe, America, Middle East, South Asia and rest of the Tamil and Sinhalese speaking world. 


We are running Global Tamil Broadcasting Corporation Radio (www.gtbc.fm ), a 24 Hours online service as part of our Global Tamil Media Network. Through the   Radio we are providing news analysis, current affairs, cultural and entertainment programmes.  Apart from the Radio we are running www.gtntv.net, a WebTV which archives our home production of Documentaries, Short Films and our Audio programs.
To co ordinate our Radio and TV we set up Tamil-Sinhalese-English multilingual Websites to serve Tamil Sinhala and English population to inform about South Asian and World affairs  around the World. Additionally we are running an entertainment website exclusive to Tamil and Indian Cinema (www.tamilnewscinema.com )
We started our Tamil News and analysis Website on October 2008 and with in 2 months time span our Web-Radio commence in to function.  Our Satellite Radio went online on February 2009 and with in these two years time span we attracted greater Tamil and Sinhalese population worldwide. World renowned Tamil Newscasters, Professionals and Intellectuals contributing our Network Services.
We planned to move develop websites multilingual and started our Sinhalese and English websites by 15th of January 2009. Further we started an entertainment website specialising Tamil and Indian continental Cinema on 28th September 2010.   By 01st of March 2010 we started our WebTV and archived our 900 video productions in You Tube Channel.
We have our reporters stationed in IndiaMalaysiaSingapore, Europe, North America and We are the only Exile Tamil Media which is getting first hand direct news from theses regions. We are providing news to the Tamil, Sinhalese and International community 24 hours and 365 days night and day.
We archived rare information about the facts occurred during civil war period with original sources and witnesses. Individuals and organisations often approached us for witnessing the facts and they referred our news sources as authentic.
We are the only Exile Media translating news and articles from and to Tamil, Sinhala and English simultaneously. We are providing news and analytical items to Indian and Sri Lankan Medias and they often reproduce our news and analytical articles. We archived almost all the news and articles appeared in our radio and website from our inception as a media since 2008.
2010 onwards we ventured in to producing Documentary and film productions. As a frontier who launch Exile Tamil Radio-Website and Entertainment channel, from 2013 onwards we are planning to get in to Television Broadcasting. In regular intervals we are planning to run Sinhalese and English Television programmes. Planning to develop our Web and Satellite radio in to FM Radio.
From 2013 January onward we are going in to publishing Industry and initially we will bringing about 10 Book titles dealing with political and culture of Sri Lankan Tamils.
Aspiring to create a free media space in the middle of the Sri Lankan Diaspora people, GTNN intended to get away from the polarising and partisan attitude of the existed Diaspora media at that time. We want to create a media voicing against human rights violations. We want to create a media voicing against ethnic, gender, lingusitic oppression and insist the right to the freedom of expression.
Through the years we tried hard to lay the foundation for an alternative Sri Lankan Diaspora media and it resulted in the establishment of Global Tamil News Network.
 We are working for an equal and free world ahead…    


Nadarajah Kuruparan 

Managing Director.

Global Tamil Media Net Work LTD.


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